Inground Low Voltage
K-Star Pool/Spa
Vinyl Vac
Deck Boxes/Conduit Kit
Large (6") Small (3")    
Aqua/Lamp® Rainbow Rays® White
Aqua/Lamp® Rainbow Rays® White LED
Aqua/Lamp® Rainbow Rays® Multicoloured LED
Aqua/Lamp® Spectrum LED    


Pool Light System
Systems with one or two lights

Choose the system that suits your pool and lifestyle
The one pool light system is ideal for smaller pools and is placed in the deep end to illuminate the full pool length. On larger and irregular shaped pools, the two light system provides even more light throughout the overall pool. Whatever system you choose, you will enjoy your pool more with its dramatic effects.

Quality Low Voltage System
AQUA/LAMP® pool light systems have been engineered with pool safety in mind. The lights meet Canadian and U.S. electrical standards and are powered by a low 12 volt system with GFCI ground fault breaker protection. No additional grounding is required.

Lighting your pool at night not only extends your pool usage time, but it provides greater safety as well. The AQUA/LAMP® pool light system will enhance the visual appeal of your night time pool environment while creating visibility in every corner for that added security.

AQUA/LAMP® Wireless Remote Control
AQUA/LAMP® wireless remote control units can be used to turn your pool light(s) on or off for added convenience. The wireless remote control can be easily added to all existing AQUA/LAMP® pool light systems.

Color Choice... Available in white or grey.

AquaLamp SK

AquaLamp remote

The Aqua/Lamp Wireless Remote Control System

Can be used universally for all electrical devices.

Remote Control System
(Part #AL20) complete with the following parts:

  • One keychain (120v/60Hz) (Part #:AL21)
  • Watertite box with 2 mounting brackets
  • 6 ft. power cord SJTW
    electrical receptacle (single outlet) with ground connection
  • radio frequency transmitter
  • radio frequency receiver

Download Feature Sheet

Download User's Manual

Download User's Manual


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