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AquaLuminator transforms aboveground pools into a brilliant oasis of nighttime enjoyment

AquaLuminator from Pentair Pool Products is the industry’s first combination underwater light and water return. This is the product that created lighting for aboveground pools!

Designed to fit a pool’s pre-punched hole for the pool’s water return. So it installs easily in about five minutes without cutting holes, damaging pool walls or voiding the pool manufacturer’s warranty.

Advanced patented hydro-optic technology offers more light, using less energy, so swimming can be extended well into the night at less cost than ordinary lights.

Comes with two color lenses that provide dazzling, mood-setting color options for maximum backyard beauty and enjoyment, creating just the right mood.

AquaLuminator’s energy-efficient halogen quartz light has a rated life of 4 000 hours.

Standard features include:

  • Installs in minutes using pool’s pre-punched hole
  • Snap-on color lenses
  • Combines water circulation and brilliant underwater illumination in a single fixture
  • Enhances pool beauty and safety
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable UL, National Electrical Code, and CSA requirements

Experience the beauty of halogen quartz from the world leader in pool and spa lighting.

AquaLuminator created lighting for aboveground pools--and is still the number one choice of aboveground pool owners nationwide.

Before AquaLuminator, your options for adding lights were to cut a hole in the side of your pool (thereby voiding most pool manufacturer’s warranty), or hang lights from the side of your pool.

By combining the light with the existing water return hole in your pool, Pentair creates a perfectly integrated solution for adding to your pool’s beauty and safety.

The specially designed flow director creates less flow restriction and better flow direction than a normal water return fitting, enhancing circulation for a cleaner pool.

Other features include:

  • Fits most aboveground pools
  • 25 ft. plug-in cord
  • Optional fountain attachment to complete the spectacular effect
  • Optional pressure cleaner adapter
  • One-year limited warranty

Ask you Pool Professional about Pentair’s comfort and convenience options to add a whole new dimension to your pool living:

  • Automatic sanitizers
  • Automated controls
  • Heaters/heat pumps
  • Automatic cleaners
  • Automated color lighting



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